Important Hunting Information for Ocean County

Ocean County Parks Department*

The Ocean County Department of Parks and Recreation oversees the stewardship of the county’s Natural Lands Trust properties. Currently under the Natural Lands Trust Program over 13,000 acres of land are open to hunting. A full list of properties that are open to hunting can be obtained via the interactive map at or by calling the Parks Department (732) 506-9090. A complete list of rules and regulations may be viewed or downloaded from the website. At this time, there is no registration process or permit necessary to hunt on any Ocean
County Natural Lands Trust properties. Hunters are encouraged but not required to call or email to inform us what properties you are hunting. This information is valuable for numerous safety related reasons, including notification if prescribed burn is scheduled to take place. For more information regarding hunting please contact Geoffrey Lohmeyer at or 732-506-9090 x 5941; or Mark Villinger at or 732-929-2054 x3055.


*This information is taken from Page 45 of the 2016-17 Hunting & Trapping Digest – Download the Digest at this link: