Two pieces of legislation, SCR-134 and ACR-85, that would amend the States Constitution are bad for all of New Jersey but could spell the death knell for sportsmen.

The legislation is being put forth by legislators supported by animal rights and preservation-oriented organizations under the guise of protecting and preserving the rights of all of New Jersey’s citizens to have clean air and clean water which we all support when in fact these changes would actually undermine science and sound resource management practices and make it much easier for these organizations to deny the people of New Jersey rights they currently possess.

If enacted it would also lead to a constant stream of lawsuits being filed against sportsmen similar to the spate of lawsuits taking place over the Comprehensive Black Bear Management Plan.  The amendment is just another attempt to bypass science and manage the States resources with the politics of special interest groups.

If passed “preservation” would be the new buzz word.  The harvesting of renewable resources such as wildlife and forest products would be met with lawsuits challenging our rights to manage forests and wildlife with proven conservation practices.

To date, as indicated in The Press of Atlantic City, the following groups have voiced opposition to the amendment; the New Jersey Builders Association, the New Jersey Chamber of Commerce, the New Jersey State League of Municipalities and the Chemistry Industry Council.

It is time for the sportsmen of New Jersey through the New Jersey Outdoor Alliance and the New Jersey State Federation of Sportsmen’s Clubs to voice their opposition to this amendment.

The amendment cleared the Senate Environment and Energy Committee in October.  It’s time to contact our legislators and let them know our position on this amendment before its to late.  Write the letters and make the calls now or suffer the consequences later.

Edward Markowski, President
New Jersey Outdoor Alliance

Alert on CWD

From NJ Fish and Wildlife:

We need your help in addressing a potentially serious threat to our deer herd. Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) is a contagious disease affecting deer and other members of the deer family. It has been found in wild deer in Pennsylvania and New York.  In the attached letter, Director Larry Herrighty is asking for your help in keeping it out of NJ by observing the following voluntary measures:

  • Refrain from using urines and scents as lures if they are derived from live deer as CWD can be spread with these scents and lures.
  • Debone all deer species before crossing state lines. CWD is carried in the brain and spinal cord of infected deer, and it is vitally important that these parts of a deer are not transported across state boundaries. Alternately, have your deer processed commercially before you bring it to New Jersey.
  • Be familiar with and follow all laws regarding the transport of deer carcasses – both wild and captive – and be sure to check all legal requirements which apply to where you hunt or transport your deer.
  • Report deer that appear sick, weak, or starving to DFW at 908-637-4125 ext. 120 or 609-984-6295. One of the most important ways of stopping the spread of CWD is early detection, so your reports of potentially sick deer are critically important to NJ’s disease monitoring efforts!

Please read the attached letter for more information.

Monmouth County DU 4th Game BBQ!

Monmouth County DU presents its 4th Annual Game BBQ & Sportsman’s Party Hosted at Fin Fur & Feather Club

  • When: Saturday October 6, 2018 6:00 -10:00 pm
  • Where: Fin Fur & Feather Club 337 Route 526 Cream Ridge, NJ 08514
  • Activities: Game meats and traditional BBQ, raffles, silent auction items, sportsman’s raffle tables (waterfowling, upland, deer and fishing items), games.
  • Cost:$45 adults (pre-buy), age 17-13 $20, kids 12 and under free Admission price includes 1 yr. membership to Ducks UnlimitedPlease pre-buy your tickets by 10/5 ($50 at the door for adults) For information or tickets contact: Frank Pannick (908)890-1903 Dennis Edwards (609)977-3668 Or purchase online (by 10/5) at:www.ducks.org/new-jersey Presented by Ducks Unlimited Monmouth County NJ Chapter

Please join us at the Monmouth County BBQ and sportsmen party on Saturday October 6th, 2018.

For more information on this event, Click Here.


The invasive New Zealand Mud Snail has been officially documented in the Musconetcong River in several locations downstream of Route 78 between Warren and Hunterdon counties. This species is a threat to our freshwaters and may displace and compete with native invertebrates.

Despite its name, New Zealand Mud Snails can tolerate a wide variety of habitats, including reservoirs, estuaries, rivers, and lakes. They are most prolific in water bodies with a constant temperature and flow, but are highly adaptable. Measuring just 4-5 mm in length, they are easy to overlook – but a single female can result in a colony of 40 million snails in one year!

Anglers and boaters are urged to do their part to protect New Jersey’s aquatic resources by inspecting equipment transported between waterways, including boats and trailers, and to CLEAN, DRY and DRAIN all equipment and clothing BEFORE visiting other waters.

For more information including photographs of New Zealand Mud Snails visit the U.S. Geological Survey Nonindigenous Aquatic Species page.

To report sightings of New Zealand Mud Snails please call 1-877-WARNDEP.

(Message from NJ Division of Fish and Wildlife)

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Public Hearings on Bluefish Fishery

 In Ocean City Wednesday,
Toms River Thursday

Pig Roast 6/16/18

Hope to see you at the Pig Roast

Celebrate the 70 year anniversary of Pleasant Plains Gun Club!


All are invited to attend, Adults are $27.00, Children 7 to 17 are $13.00. under 6 are free.

The party is to celebrate our clubs 70 years of being incorporated.

The fun will start with trap shooting and archery shooting at 8:30 am, All ages are invited to shoot and be guided and trained by our rangemasters for both events. Both ranges will be closed at 11:30 am. After 11:30 volley ball, horse shoes, Bocce ball, bad mitten, corn hole and much more.

Please bring your chairs and table or sit under the big tent that will have tables and chairs provided.

This is a BYOB event and water and soda will be provided. Please bring a small cooler just in case.

If you have any other games that you would like to share or play, not mentioned, please feel free to bring them.

Please RSVP by June 6, 2018 and for additional information call (732) 267-6946.

Where:  Pleasant Plains Gun Club, 481 Horicon Avenue., Manchester Twp, NJ